If your relationship is in trouble, counselling can help you to re-build it and improve the way you communicate with each other. Weekly one-hour therapy sessions can help you to regain loving feelings, respect and caring in your relationship.
Integrative Behavioural Couple Therapy 
Dr Sally Roach uses Integrative Behavioural Couple Therapy to help you rebuild your relationship. This type of therapy works best if the couple attend together for the first session. Each person is then seen individually for one session. On the fourth session, Dr Roach can tell you if therapy can help you and in what ways it might help. At this stage she will be able to tell you what seems to be the theme of the problem in your relationship. 
Desire Discrepancy
Desire discrepancy is when a couple have different levels of interest in physical intimacy. It is a common problem in relationships that is best treated with a holistic relationship approach. Counselling can help you to work together to develop compatible levels of desire for intimacy and stop the cycle of pursuing and distancing.
Extra Marital  Affairs
Counselling from a qualified and professional counsellor can help you - either alone, or with your partner - to work through what has happened. Therapy can help you to overcome your pain of betrayal and recover from the loss of innocence of your relationship.