Are you kept awake by worry and unhappy  thoughts? Semara Counselling Centre can help you to overcome your problems, sleep better, feel happier and more relaxed. Weekly one-hour therapy sessions can help you to overcome anxiety and rid you of panic attacks. 

Acceptance and Committment therapy will help you to:
- Accept your thoughts and feelings
- Choose directions in your life
- Take committed action towards achieving your goals


Do you feel worse when you wake up in the morning? Counselling can help you to work on your problems, feel happier, more content and improve your mood dramatically. 

Mindfulness and Acceptance can help you to recognize the depression traps in your life and use acceptance to move through painful situations. You can move through depression to create a life worth living.
Eating Disorder

Maybe you have anorexia, or bulima, or you overeat? Regardless of the type of eating disorder you have, Acceptance and Committment therapy can help you to overcome your dissatisfaction with your body image. This programme has proven to show amazing results even with people who have had an eating disorder for a long time
Assertion Training

Having difficulty communicating with others? Assertion training can help you to communicate effectively and assertively with your partner, with family and friends and in the workplace. Develop assertive skills and see an instant improvement in your communciation with others.

Having diffficulty controlling your anger? Problems with managing your anger can lead to relationship breakdown and problems at work and socially. 

Anger is a necessary emotion but we have a problem if we are controlled or harmed by our angry feelings. An anger management programme will teach you how to reduce the suffering anger causes you and others by focusing your energies on the people and experiences that matter most to you.