Counselling is available at Semara Counselling Centre for individuals:
-Suffering from anxiety and/or depression
- Having difficulty managing their anger 
- With relationship and family difficulties
- With addiction and co-dependency issues
- With an eating disorder

Semara Counselling Centre can help you:
-Manage stress and anxiety
-Be more assertive
-Deal with anger
-Lift your mood
- Improve your self esteem
- Understand more about your sexuality

Semara Counselling Centre offers counselling services for individuals and couples experiencing concerns or difficulties in their relationship. This service includes counselling for:
- Relationship breakdown
- Communication problems
- Desire differences
- Conflict resolution
- Sexual problems
- Separation and divorce
- Abuse issues
- Co-parenting after separation

Family counselling services are also offered at Semara Counselling Centre. Family dynamics can be complex and the use of a qualified practitioner can assist with:
- Mediation
- Improving communication
- Determining roles and responsibilities