Semara Counselling Centre offers
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to
individuals, couples and families.

Semara Counselling Centre
Counselling is available for both adults and children. All services are provided by Dr Sally Roach who is a qualified practitioner.
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy involves learning to take control of your thoughts and feelings through Mindfulness and Acceptance techniques. It also involves Acceptance and Commitment therapy so that you can live in accordance with your values and goals. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy has the best success rate as demonstrated in research on counselling methods. 
Dr Sally Roach
Dr Sally Roach holds a Doctoral degree in Sexology as well as being a qualified Occupational Therapist. Dr Roach taught Sexology at University in Western Australia and has many years experience as a counsellor, therapist, researcher and educator.

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